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18" Madrid Discada

18.00 LBS
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    With our tradecraft styling and a compact 18 inches of cooking space, our discada plow disk is designed to provide owners with a streamlined look while giving them quality to last a lifetime. Perfect for the camp, stovetop in the home or on the road in the RV.

    Features of this plow disc cooker include:

    • Southwest Disk is the only manufacturer providing a seasoned disco complete and ready to use when you get it, no waiting around. Our disk has its first deep seasoning and firing already done when you receive it.
    • Secure and safe movement of your plow disc grill is assured with beautifully crafted handles that give you great maneuverability.
    • Quality and substance, no cutting corners with our production and disk cooker is 18" in diameter.
    • Solid and sturdy, weighing in at 18 pounds for this fully seasoned disco cooker.
    • Complete recipe website link above and Facebook page so that you can get started fixing some great Discada food for you, your friends and family.

    When you're searching for a Discada, a really well put together disc grill that will impress your family, BBQ or hunting buddies and give you many years of enjoyment, we have the perfect designs. From a quiet meal for the two of you to a large patio party, you can put anything on our discs. Cook up a fish fry, give some fajitas a try, or make a breakfast to remember. 

    Get our favorite recipes from our Disc Recipe link above or connect with us on Facebook - featuring full details on fixing your Discada or your own specialties!

    We named this disco after the smallest town in New Mexico - A Ghost Town Reborn....


    The town of Madrid (pronounced with the accent on the first syllable: MAD-rid, not Ma-DRID (http://www.visitmadridnm.com/) was founded in 1869, but it wasn’t until the 1880’s when the Santa Fe Railroad arrived in the area, that coal mining began on a large scale. By this time, the short lived gold had played out, and most of the solitary miners gave way to larger companies who moved in to develop large coal mining operations.
    As many as 1,500 years ago the first Native American inhabitants mined the turquoise and lead deposits in the nearby hills. When the Spaniards first arrived in 1540, they largely ignored the Indians and their turquoise, more interested in finding the more valuable minerals of silver and gold. (http://www.legendsofamerica.com/nm-madrid.html)

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    1. after some use  star rating

      Posted by C on 21st May 2018

      i wanted to add more info. seasoning this thing is challenging. i quit worrying about it and just use it. sometimes stuff sticks still, but this is a steel disc; i am not gonna break it.

      okay, i have been using it a lot. it is very dense, so watch the heat. you get it too hot, just turning the heat down wont save it. you will have to move the food up the hill to towards the rim. here the 18" kinda hurts you. if you have a lot of food moving it about is an exercise in patience. it is a food ballet. the 18"; i found a pound of meat to be the maximum load. maybe with more experience that will change. i made store marinated "pastor" this weekend and the pineapple chunks and sweeten meat haunted me. it burned onto the disc. i cleaned it with more oil and a fist full of salt. i scrubbed it with a paper towel. it worked great,but some of my hard earned seasoning got caught in the crossfire. this thing is fun!! between this and my trusty wok, i dont think i will cook much inside my kitchen this summer.

      i am using a cheapo ThunderGroup wok burner as my heat source. thankfully, it turns down super low.

    2. the welds!!  star rating

      Posted by C on 3rd May 2018

      i walked into my office thinking, "why isnt it Friday yet?"..wait, what? a box!
      it cheered me up instantly. the boxing was super professional. the Disc was nestled inside perfectly. shipping was about a week. (ABQ to the pacific ocean.)

      i have never held a Discada before. the heft is excellent. the weld; crazy good. i can barely detect the center hole was even there. it is welded and ground down to look like it was never there. i opted for the round-hoop handles and they are welded there beautifully. they look like bike frame welds. measured the disc, and it is 18.3". the plate is approx 1/8th thick. there is a coating on it that blackens your fingers, but there is zero rust noted.

      i think i will lay down an additional seasoning layer tonight. i'll stir fry some aromatics and put the entire thing into my grill (if it will fit) or oven, and try to blacken the entire thing. i think i am gonna install a hook in a kitchen wall and hang it there!! it looks that good.

      i was gonna DIY one initially. there is no way i could have accomplish the same product..not at this cost.

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