Roswell - The 24" UFO Discada **Enterprise**

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If you thought the 22" UFO disc is big.....then this is the Starship Enterprise of our UFO style Discada's!!

This 24" cooking disk (Rio Grande) features either Trinity, Santa Fe, Angel Fire, or BBQ Springer style handles with the addition of 3 removable legs to support it over a campfire. It gives you the versatility of using it on your burner or using it on a campfire (why prop it up on rocks?!?) The legs are easily detachable and do not interfere when used on a burner. They offer many uses: campfire, fire pit, secure setting, use with limited space.....use it at home, in the woods, the desert, RV'ing or at a tailgate party...the uses are endless with only one thing in mind; fantastic food and great times with old and new friends.

  • Sturdy steel 12" legs giving it a 2' campfire radius. Easily attach and remove the legs (No need to carry around a cumbersome stand)
    • Legs will also store easily in our MRG Discada 24" Cover 
  • Huge at  24" round, about a 1/4" thick
  • Semi-Flat bottom at about 10" across
  • Cones up to a height of 4"
  • Gives you 27" of cooking space end to end...this will hold a lot of food!!
  • Weighs in at a hefty 25 pounds
  • We thoroughly prep, season and clean the disk so you don't have to
  • We provide the disk with its first deep seasoning and firing (It is READY TO USE when you receive it)




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  • 5
    Unbelievable Cooking Disk

    Posted by grady272 on 28th Aug 2017

    Received 3 days ago and have already cooked 2 meals. Wow, this is the MacDaddy of cooking platforms. Absolutely solid and impressivley converted to cook safely with spring handles and removeable legs. This is a lifetime item. If you love to cook outdoors, this is a no brainer. Do not hesitate.

  • 5
    Cooking Disk 30lbs 24"

    Posted by Carol on 10th Jul 2017

    This disk is awesome!!! Love it, a bit pricy but totally worth it! Could not be happier with it.

  • 5
    Wow! Really impressed.

    Posted by sonda quade on 5th Jun 2017

    I really wanted the discada with the one inch band around the top. It was not available and I did not want to wait. I'm glad I did not get the band as I can barely lift this pan now so it does not need any more weight. I cook outdoors with on a wood fire so I purchased the discada with the screw on legs and I'm glad I did it is great. Its high enough for a fire under it and to cook in. I had been using some large cast iron pieces(17" pan) and it was so much more work. All the food had to be cooked and removed with this I just scrape it up the side and add the next. I've done steak with fries and tacos. I'm really happy. This is a big pan. It may never be washed. Does not fit in the sink. I use fir wood and its really sooty, smokey and free. I just add a little water to the inside wash and wipe down. I leave the back as is - black and sticky. I'm really looking forward to using this this summer. I wasn't sure what I wanted called a couple of times - phone was answered and I was helped. Good service. The pan came quickly.

  • 5
    A beast!

    Posted by Joe on 30th Nov 2016

    Very well made. Shipped fast with great shipping price. I do a lot of competition and large group cooking and this will be one of my "go to" tools. Perfect for street tacos and breakfasts.

  • 5
    Best Disco I ever used

    Posted by JH on 11th Nov 2016

    Heavy duty and excellent build quality. The detachable legs are so versatile. Thank you, I love it!

  • 5
    1st Class craftsmanship

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Sep 2016

    Disco is built very solid and the welds for the handles are done well. This thing is heavy and will hold lots of food. The pics of the disco don't do it justice. Thanks for a great product

  • 5
    Wow!! Everything I hoped for!

    Posted by Bethany on 17th Aug 2016

    I loved being able to customize the handles on this disco. It's GREAT quality and feels like it will last forever! We thoroughly enjoyed the Discada and had no issues during cooking over an open wood fire. The disco is huge so I don't know if it would work at its best if used on a indoor home stove gas burner but we plan to always use outdoors anyway. (We may need to invest in the propane outdoor stand next

  • 5
    Absolutely Awesome !!!

    Posted by RAYMOND PARKER on 4th Jul 2016

    First off, I'd like to say that my entire experience with the Southwest Disk company has been the very best that it can possibly be. David has been extremely courteous and helpful, putting up with my seemingly endless e-mail inquiries so I could get exactly what I wanted with my new disc cooker. To that end, I now have the perfect one for me ! I've been grilling for over 30 years now, using many different formats including flat-top grilling. While I've known about Asian-style wok cooking for many years, I really had no idea about the Southwest "cowboy wok" style of disc cooking until very recently. I immediately decided to look into getting my very own "disco", as I love the food and wanted to give it a try. So, I started my journey to find the perfect one, and that has led me here. After countless hours scouring the internet and looking at many different websites featuring these cookers I was beginning to become disillusioned by the fact that, while I was seeing the features I was particularly interested in and wanted, I wasn't seeing all of them on any one single site. So, I kept looking until I found Southwest Disk - and here was everything, all in one location. After contacting David, I placed my order... and have been blown away by my new cooker ! Now, to the point of this review... I knew I wanted certain details / options to be included on my Disk. I ordered the 24" Roswell UFO Discada "Enterprise" because, (A) I wanted the platform which included the removable legs so I could use it over a fire pit or campfire when my family and I go camping (as well as over a propane burner), and (B) I wanted the BIGGEST Disk I could get - and this thing is HUGE !!! No complaints here... I have a large extended family, and we cook a LOT of food whenever we get together. I also wanted the optional rim to be added, like the one which comes on the Moab unit - David said absolutely NO problem, and just like that it was taken care of. And, I also got to pick the style of handles that suited me best - First-class customer service, all the way ! Even though I had seen the pictures and video's of this disc before, I was still in awe when I opened up the big box UPS brought to me - like I said, this thing really is big. One point I'd like to make here about UPS - for whatever reason, they try their best to tear up anything they ship which is big and/or heavy ... this has happened to me with several larger shipments like this one in the recent past. This particular carton included the 24" Roswell Discada w/legs, as well as the 24" Discada Flat-Dome Lid and Discada Plow Disc Trivet that I also ordered as part of my package - the Discada Portable Height Adjustable Burner came in it's own carton, and was undamaged. Like I said, the larger box was torn up pretty badly (for which the driver apologized profusely), but there was nothing missing and no damage to any of the items inside - just a single small dent in the aluminum lid, which took one slight hammer tap on my workbench to make just like new again. This Discada took a real beating, and kept right on going - it's tough ! And boy, does it cook ! In the four weeks I've had it so far, I've used it at least a dozen times to cook all the things I normally do on the grill - Yes, I really like this thing, a LOT ! So far, I've done bacon, sausage, ham, spam, eggs, fried potatoes, grits (yes, grits), burgers, hotdogs, fries, chicken (grilled and fried) steak, pork chops (grilled and fried), shrimp, steamed and grilled veggies, taco/burrito fixin's, fried rice w/chicken & pork, etc... and I'm really looking forward to steaming up some crablegs, too ! I especially like the zone-type cooking I get from my disk, hotter in the middle and warm around the perimeter. I'm from the South, so that's the way I cook and grill. I highly recommend the aluminum lid Southwest Disk offers - makes steaming and covered cooking so much easier ! The learning curve to use this disk has been remarkably easy, also - a lot like my flat-top griddle, but I don't have to worry about anything rolling off. And I really like that I can use liquids in my outdoor cooking now, something I couldn't before without using pans or pots. Clean up is super simple - hot water, wipe it out dry, wipe down with a little oil (top and bottom), and you're done 'til next time. If you have a little persistent residue issue, use some salt and scrub it loose or just use a soft bristle brush like you would for cast iron. In fact, if you have any experience with cast iron then you already know exactly what to do - Simple ! I can honestly say that I wish I had known about and gotten this Disc years ago - I wouldn't have nearly so many grills right now ! I'm learning something new about it every day, and that's a good thing - I LOVE IT !!!

  • 5
    Family time cook out

    Posted by Robert Greer on 1st Dec 2014

    My Wife and I were recently introduced to disc cooking in San Miguel De Allende Mexico . Some friends in Mexico invited us to a cook out, they used an old converted plow disc to cook on an open fire. The flavor of the food and the cheese Cascadia's was so good. Immediately on return to the USA I looked for used plows to make a cooking disc. Instead I found Southwest Discada. I immediately ordered one, and cooked fajitas for our family. Since then I have ordered 5 additional units for gifts. Every Man needs a disc to cook on!. The wood smoke flavor is wonderful. It's a real treat for the whole family! great family fun around the fire! Order one, you will not be sorry, it is the new way to cook for sure..